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Track4Life - Winter 2015
by posted 04/07/2015

Every aspect of life has a purpose.  At first, we may not understand what our purpose is.  In each situation, we gain a little bit more understanding of that purpose.  

Winter 2015 Indoor Season

Our final team event of the season was at Augustana College February 22, 2015.  It was a great experience for all the Rush athletes. Many of us walked away with 1st place medals in our events and we even captured the 1st Place Team trophy, but that's not what we truly walked away with.  We walked away inspired and with an understanding of the purpose of track and field in our lives. We walked away having forged new friendships and gaining more confidence in our abilities.  We walked away with a sense of accomplishment and excitement.

In the words of Coach Nicole Lincoln, "you never know what you are capable of doing if you don't get pass the fear of failure and just do it."  Rush4Life!

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Life of a Youth Track & Field Coach - 1
by posted 03/14/2015

Being a coach can take you through a multitude of emotions within a 24-hour period.  This is my journey...


March 13th...It has been a very interesting indoor season, but the last 24 to 48 hours is a true test.  My flight to Maryland was delayed for an hour so I did not arrive in Baltimore until 12:50am. Upon getting my car, I proceeded to my hotel which should have been a 43-minute drive.  That drive in the rain turned into a nightmare when my cell phone died...LOL...I thought I was okay because I had a car charger, battery-powered charger, and my AC plug.  Well, my stubborn phone would not take a charge.  My drive turned into a 3-hour saga (in the rain with no phone)...LOL...and the funny part was no one could help me...go figure!


You're probably wondering at which point did I start crying...oh about the 3am hour when I found a place to charge my phone using the AC plug only to find out I was only 8 minutes from the hotel...tears of frustration, apprehension, and joy!  I got to the hotel around 3:45am but I didn't close my eyes until 5am and was back up at 7:30am.


The tides turned when Rush athlete Emmanual Angomas placed 6th in the 15-16 Boys Division - 3000m Run.  It was worth it all!

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Summer 2013 - July 2013
by posted 07/01/2013

Illinois Rush Summer News - July 2013

We are at the half-way mark of our season.   In such a short time, many of our athletes have met their personal track and field goals.  In addition, this season so far our athletes have set over 300 personal best records with 24 athletes qualifying for the 2013 AAU Junior Olympic Games and 28 athletes qualifying for the 2013 USATF Region 7 Track and Field Championships (National Qualifier).  Not to mention, we have five AAU Area 14a Champions, two 2013 USATF Illinois Association J/O Champions, and three youth athletes medal at the 2013 USA Youth Outdoor Track and Field Championships. What an accomplishment for our organization!

USATF Illinois State Champions
Adams, Brandon 100 Meter Dash (13-14 Boys)
200 Meter Dash (13-14 Boys)
Long Jump (13-14 Boys)
Hodge, Logan Shot Put (9-10 Boys)
USATF Illinois Qualifiers for the USATF Region 7 Track & Field Championships
Adams, Brandon Long Jump (13-14 Boys)
100 Meter Dash (13-14 Boys)
200 Meter Dash (13-14 Boys)
4x100m Relay (13-14 Boys)
Angomas, Emmanuel 3000 Meter Run (13-14 Boys)
Cameron, Armani 4x100m Relay (13-14 Girls)
Curry, Jasmine 4x100m Relay (13-14 Girls)
Dickerson, Jasmine 4x100m Relay (13-14 Girls)
Enzbigilis, Edward Shot Put (11-12 Boys)
Javelin Throw (11-12 Boys)
Gasser, Jason 80m Hurdles (11-12 Boys)
Hilliard, Lauryn Shot Put (9-10 Girls)
Javelin Throw (9-10 Girls)
Hodge, Logan Javelin Throw (9-10 Boys)
Shot Put (9-10 Boys)
Jackson, Kennedi Triple Jump (13-14 Girls)
Long Jump (13-14 Girls)
4x100m Relay (13-14 Girls)
Johnson, Dillan Shot Put (9-10 Boys)
4x100m Relay (9-10 Boys)
Johnson, Erica Shot Put (7-8 Girls)
Johnson, Katelyn High Jump (13-14 Girls)
4x100m Relay (13-14 Girls)
Lincoln, Kai Shot Put (7-8 Girls)
Javelin Throw (7-8 Girls)
Lincoln, Myles Javelin Throw (11-12 Boys)
80m Hurdles (11-12 Boys)
High Jump (11-12 Boys)
Lincoln, Rahsaan 2000 Meter Steeplechase (17-18 Men)
Lincoln, Skai Javelin Throw (7-8 Girls)
Loebbaka, Jake High Jump (13-14 Boys)
4x100m Relay (13-14 Boys)
Otstott, Benjamin 3000 Meter Run (13-14 Boys)
Perry, Benjamin 4x100m Relay (9-10 Boys)
Perry, Matthew 4x100m Relay (9-10 Boys)
Perry, Olivia 4x100m Relay (13-14 Girls)
Perry, Zion 4x100m Relay (13-14 Boys)
Stovall, Mikayla 4x100m Relay (13-14 Girls)
Tulloch, Ezekiel 100 Meter Dash (13-14 Boys)
200 Meter Dash (13-14 Boys)
4x100m Relay (13-14 Boys)
Wojtkiewicz, Colin Shot Put (9-10 Boys)
4x100m Relay (9-10 Boys)
Wolz, Justin 800 Meter Run (15-16 Boys)
400 Meter Hurdles (15-16 Boys)
Young, Aaliyah 4x100m Relay (13-14 Girls)

AAU Area 14a Champions
Hilliard, Lauryn Shot Put (10 Girls)
Hodge, Logan Shot Put (10 Boys)
Johnson, Katelyn 200m Hurdles, High Jump (13 Girls)
Lincoln, Myles 80m Hurdles, High Jump, Pentathlon (11 Boys)
Adams, Brandon 100m, 200m, Long Jump (13 Boys)
AAU Area 14a Qualifiers for the 2013 AAU Junior Olympic Games
Kai Lincoln 800m, Shot Put, Javelin Throw (8 and under Girls)
Skai Lincoln Javelin Throw (8 and under Girls)
Kelli Watkins Shot Put (8 and under Girls)
Lauryn Hilliard Shot Put (10 Girls)
Mercedes Anderson 100m, Long Jump, High Jump (13 Girls)
Katelyn Johnson 100m Hurdles, 200m Hurdles, High Jump (13 Girls)
Aaliyah Young Long Jump (13 Girls)
Kennedi Jackson Triple Jump (13 Girls)
Megan Choi 800m (14 Girls)
Jasmine Gragg Triple Jump (15 Girls)
Drayden Hilliard 100m, 200m (9 Boys)
Logan Hodge Shot Put (10 Boys)
Eddie Enzbigilis Shot Put (11 Boys)
Myles Lincoln 80m Hurdles, High Jump, Pentathlon (11 Boys
Jason Gasser 800m, High Jump, 1500m, Pentathlon  (11 Boys)
Brandon Adams 100m, 200m, Long Jump (13 Boys)
Benjamin Otstott 800m, 1500m, 3000m (13 Boys)
Emmanuel Angomas 800m, 1500m, 3000m (13 Boys)
Ezekiel Tulloch 100m, 200m, Long Jump (14 Boys)
Jake Loebbaka High Jump  (14 Boys)
Justin Wolz 400m Hurdles (15-18 Boys)
Michael Catanzaro Discus (15-16 Boys)
Rahsaan Lincoln 400m Hurdles, High Jump (17-18 Boys)
Robert Catanzaro Discus (17-18 Boys)


Our Open and Masters athletes competed in the 2013 USATF Illinois Masters & Open Outdoor Track and Field Championships.  We had four adult athletes crown champions.  Coach Nicole Lincoln came in first in three of five events and set the meet records for Shot Put, Discus Throw, and Javelin Throw.  Coach Moe Lincoln came in first in the 100m and high jump (setting the high jump record).  Dave Maseman came in first in the 1500m Run.  Coach Tim Graf (Graf Speed Enhancement) came in first in the 100m and 200m.  Let’s Go RUSH!!!

See you on the track!

Coaching Staff
Illinois Rush Track Club

July Birthdays:     

Kayla C. will celebrate her 11th birthday.
Maceo F. will celebrate his 16th birthday.
Logan H. will celebrate his 10th birthday.
Kyle B. will celebrate his 12th birthday.
Savanna S. will celebrate her 11th birthday.
Jasmine C. will celebrate her 13th birthday.
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Summer 2013, June 2013
posted 06/03/2013

Illinois Rush Summer News - June 2013

Aurora Lightening Track Invitational


What a way to start the season of competition!  This meet gave us an opportunity to have fun and support one of our partner track clubs in the region.  Parents and athletes came together to kick off our summer competition.  We came out on top, shining both in sportsmanship and servitude. One highlight of the event was the coaches’ 4x100m relay.  Congratulations to Coach Nicole, Coach Jermaine, Coach Allen, and Coach Moe as their relay team took 2nd place just missing 1st by .05 seconds.  The ultimate accomplishment for our athletes was winning the 1st place team trophy.  We are looking forward to seeing all RUSH Club athletes set personal records!  Let’s Go RUSH!!!

See you on the track!

Coaching Staff
Illinois Rush Track Club

June Birthdays:                      

Emiliano Venegas will celebrate his 9th birthday.
Tyler Young will celebrate his 9th birthday.
Myles Lincoln will celebrate his 11th birthday.
Alyssa Bonomo will celebrate her 8th birthday.
Nailah Brown will celebrate her 13th birthday.
Zack Balzer will celebrate his 8th birthday.
Jazmine Jean Simon will celebrate her 13th birthday.
Keshaunae Howard will celebrate her 13th birthday.
Erica Johnson will celebrate her 6th birthday.

Happy belated birthday to:
Kai L who turned 7
Matthew P. who turned 9
Destinee T. who turned 13
Amari A. who turned 13
Alex C. who turned 9
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Jumping & Hurdling Clinic
by posted 01/05/2013


What an exciting clinic for our athletes!  Youths had an opportunity to work with 2006 NJCAA Division III Outdoor Track 110-hurdle national champion, Marcus Norment.  The clinic focused on both jumping and hurdling techniques.

For the long jump clinic, athletes received invaluable coaching instruction on proper long jump form.  The clinic focused on body control and understanding how the body feels and how it moves when long jumping (Kinesthetic Awareness).  Our youth learned the importance of developing the ability to control the position of and posture of their body while in motion, both on the ground and in their air.

In addition to long jump, the hurdling clinic focused on athletes understanding that a good hurdler "runs through" the hurdles instead of jumping over the barrier.  The clinic taught on the fence drills which helped our athletes to simulate clearing the hurdle and increased leg flexibility.

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FAQ's for Parents
posted 08/07/2012

This guide should help answer many of the more common questions USATF has heard over the years. If you have additional questions, please feel free to discuss with the clubs Head coach.

Generally speaking, how do track meets work?
Youth track meets offer all events in multiple age group divisions. Typically, all the age groups will compete in a certain event and then the meet will move to the next event; that is, they’re not organized such that all Bantam, and then all Midget and then all Youth events are held. It’s possible that your child may compete in the first and last event of the day. Track meets typically run on a rolling schedule, meaning that upon completion of one event the next one closely follows. Because of this – and the fact that events may take more or less time than expected – it’s impossible to tell at exactly what time your child will compete (unless he/she is participating in the first event of the meet).

In which age group will my child/ren compete?
Generally, USATF competitions use 2-year age groups. Although 'age' group may suggest an athlete's age at the time of the event is used to determine his/her group, the year of birth determines the 'age' group. Generally speaking, the 'age' groups are:

8 & under
9 & 10
11 & 12
13 & 14
15 & 16
17 & 18

What’s a “qualifying” meet?
Qualifying meets are those meets at which your child must be in attendance and achieve certain performance criteria in order to qualify for the next higher meet. The qualifying meets for Illinois is the State (Association) meet and the Region 7 meet. Your child must compete in both meets in order to qualify for the National Junior Olympics meet.

How long do meets last?
Track meets are multi-hour, sometimes all-day events. And some of the larger meets – state, regional and national competitions, for example – are spread over two or more days. Make sure you check the appropriate meet schedule to determine which day(s) you need to be in attendance.

How early do we need to arrive at the meet?
It’s a good idea to arrive an hour or so before the meet is scheduled to start. This allows time for you to complete the registration and/or check-in process. (Even if you’ve pre-registered for the meet, athletes typically must check in upon arrival.) It also allows time for your child to warm up on the track and to orient him/herself with the complex (e.g., location of heating tent, restrooms, etc.).

What must I have to complete the registration process?
You’ll need to know two things – (1) the event(s) in which your child will be competing and (2) your child’s USATF number. It is also a good idea to have a copy of your child's birth certificate.

How much does it cost to register for a track meet?
Each track meet is different. Amounts may be fixed or may depend on the number of events in which your child will be competing. Generally, meet registration costs between $5 and $50.

In which event(s) should enter my child?
Generally, your child has either been training as a sprinter or a distance runner and coaches will have worked with your child to determine the optimal running events for him/her. During early-season meets, however, athletes and coaches may still be working to determine the event(s) in which athletes are strongest. If your child has been working out with the sprinters, it’s best to place him/her in sprint event(s) – 100 meters, 200 meters and/or 400 meters. If he/she has been training with the distance group, middle- to long-distance races – 800 meters, 1500 meters, 3000 meters – are preferable. If a change subsequently needs to be made regarding optimal running event placement, coaches will work with the athletes accordingly. Hurdlers and field athletes – jumpers, throwers and vaulters – should be placed in the event(s) in which they have been training.


How will I know when it’s my child’s turn to compete?
First, you’ll have to know in which age division and event(s) your child will be competing. Then, you’ll listen for the announcement of a “first call” for that event. For example, the announcer will announce over the public-address system, “First call – bantam girls, 100 meter dash.” If your child is signed up to compete in this event, she should then make her way to the clerking (Check-In) area.

What should I bring to the track meet?
Track meets are hours-long events, so it's important for athletes to come prepared (after a good, carbohydrate-rich breakfast, of course). You should bring proper foods and drinks for your athlete (e.g., water, pretzels, fruit, bagels, trail mix, crackers, orange slices, raisins, etc.); weather protection (e.g., canopy/umbrella, sunscreen, blanket, hat, sunglasses, etc.); comfort items (e.g., portable chair, pillow, cooler, seat cushion, insect repellant, etc.); and stuff to keep everyone entertained (e.g., books, puzzles, games, iPods, homework, etc.). Concessions typically are available at track meets.

How can I help ensure my child achieves peak performance?
You can help ensure your child performs at his/her best at meets by providing a carbohydrate-rich breakfast to begin the day. It’s also important that while at the venue he/she remains in the shade and engages in minimal physical activity when not stretching, warming up or competing. And most importantly, encourage and support your child – not only the day of the meet but throughout the season.

Where can I find the results from the meet?
During the meet, official results typically are posted in a common area as the events are completed. Additionally, we will post all results on our website after the meet. .

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